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Beaverton, Oregon is one of the more populated suburbs of the Portland metro, and Locksmith General offers services in the area. No matter where you are in or around Beaverton, know that one of our professional technicians are just a call away, and we come to you

Get in touch with Locksmith General now, give us a call at (503) 344-6224. Once confirming your location and number, a phone representative will determine which technician is most suited to handle your needs. Skill, experience, and proximity are all considered, so you can rest assured that we will dispatch the best technician to your

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Residential locksmith service in Beaverton, Oregon ranges from simple lockouts (front door, garages, cellars, bedrooms, sheds, etc.) to installation, Lock services for homes include repair of damaged locks, replacement of locks, fresh installation, and lock rekey.

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Our lock rekey service for homes is one of the most common services that we provide in Beaverton area. We recommend rekeying locks when buying a new home or when rental agreements are terminated.

Losing the only key or keys for a functional lock typically requires rekeying all the locks that work with the missing key. Once we rekey any lock, only the new key, and its copies will unlock the mechanism. Therefore, you can be sure that any missing keys or keys in the hands of previous renters will not be able to access your locks.

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Keys locked inside your car? Automotive lockouts are a pain, and drivers everywhere can relate, so finding a local, dependable lockout expert now will prevent stress in the future. Unlike many automotive locksmiths that only provide roadside assistance and an unlocking service, we do more than unlocking cars. Our ignition replacement, repair, and cylinder rekey service has helped thousands of customers much quicker than dealerships. We know that losing your only car key, whether it be high security or not, and ignition trouble can prevent you from continuing with your day or even week. Call (503) 344-6224 to have a technician from Locksmith General arrive at your location. Our technicians are equipped with tools to replace ignitions and keys for nearly every vehicle, so call us now!

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