Locksmith Sherwood OR is available 24/7. We operate throughout the day and night, and we work on all holidays as well. For locksmith assistance, call (503) 344-6224. One of our local locksmiths in Sherwood, OR will be able to help you with any of your locksmith needs.

We provide affordable rates while striving to maintain a sense of professionalism throughout every job that we do. Small communities like Sherwood depend on local locksmiths with many of their security needs, but the most important ones are lockouts, key replacement, and ignition services.


Lockouts are no joke, and they can often put a strain on our schedules. There is a good reason that Locksmith Sherwood OR also provide a professional unlocking service for anything and everything that you are locked out of. Keys locked in the car, office, or home? No problem! Our lockout specialists are on the case. We have had customers ask us to pick locks on suitcases, file cabinets, mail boxes, storage locks & more. Our technicians have the tools to do this without causing unnecessary damage to the locks or items themselves.


Do you have an existing key, or have you lost it completely? Are you seeking to replace a key or just duplicate it? For all key replacement jobs, the year of the vehicle, the make, and model are all needed as a preliminary measure. After the above information is obtained, we determine the best way to provide you a working key. This usually depends on the price of the parts, programming code availability, and the specific year and make of vehicle in question. Almost every car can be made the same day that you call us, but some can only be done on Monday through Friday (due to code availability), so please have the necessary information when calling Locksmith General Sherwood OR.

​Ignition replacement and ignition repair in Sherwood, OR go hand in hand with car key replacement. A lot of the same technology and skills required in key replacement are also required with ignition work. If you are experiencing ignition issues, the first thing to determine is whether or not your problem even applies to a locksmith or mechanic. Call Locksmith Sherwood OR today at (503) 344-6224, and we will be able to determine what needs to be done to get your car running again!


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