Residential Locksmith Services

Are you locked out of your house, or need to make sure an old key no longer works?

our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. The aim of Residential Locksmith General is to make the homes of our customers as safe and secure as possible.

Locksmith General, LLC. guarantees safety when servicing your residential needs. We stand for nothing less, and you should not either. Whatever your residential locksmith need is, we can help! Our locksmiths are trained to ensure your home is secure, whether that means installing new locks, repairing existing locks, rekeying locks so a former key no longer works, and more. Whether you need new locks on your RV, your mailbox unlocked, a new lock installed on your garage door or any other miscellaneous project, we can help.

Are you locked out of your house, apartment or condo? Our locksmiths can arrive within a timely manner and get you safely inside.

House Lockout

Locked out of your home, apartment or condo and need in quickly? We can help!
Our local Portland locksmiths can help with any residential lock project. We unlock houses, rekey locks, install new locks, replace locks, repair locks & more
Are you locked out of something else at your residence, such as a safe, mailbox, garage door or RV? Our locksmiths are trained to open all of the above, and we can help you get in and replace the lock if needed.

Rekey / Master key

What happens when your keys are stolen, or you need to make sure someone with an old key can no longer get in your home?
We know your security is vitally important. Our locksmiths perform both scheduled residential rekeys and emergency residential rekeys, so no matter the reason – we can make sure your old keys no longer work and provide you with new keys to your locks. If you’re unsure if you need your locks rekeyed or replaced, our locksmiths can consult with you over the phone and help you decide on the best option.
Are you a real estate agent looking to rekey a home before its new tenants arrive? We work with numerous real estate professionals, and we can make sure your rekey is done on time – even if it’s a same-day job.

Locks Change/Repair

Has one of your home’s locks been damaged? Whether you need it changed or repaired, we can make sure it’s working in no time!
Our locksmiths are skilled at all kinds of residential lock needs – including installing new locks, replacing existing locks and repairing damaged locks. Not sure if your lock can be repaired or needs to be replaced? Our locksmiths can consult with you either over the phone or in person to help you decide on the best solution.
We work with all kinds of residential locks, so if there is a certain style, color or brand that you prefer for your home, just let us know! We are committed to making sure that your home is secure and looks the way you want it to, down to the very last detail.
Are you thinking about upgrading your locks to a keyless entry system or electronic keypad lock? Our locksmiths can consult on what kind of lock would be best for your home, helping you decide which system best meets your needs.

Duplicate Keys

Did you lose a key for your home or apartment? While making a new key to fit your old lock is impossible without an existing key to duplicate. we do have the means to “rekey your residential lock”. This service is primarily used by landlords and new homeowners who have quality locks but do not want unaccounted for keys to gain entry. However, if you lose your only house key, then rekeying a lock is the perfect option for you. It is quicker, cheaper, and less wasteful then a full on residential lock replacement, but you still can gain access to the lock!

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