Here is the bottom line: how much will the service of a locksmith cost you to unlock your house or your car?

In short, the bottom line is that, for the most part, the service of a professional locksmith will cost approximately $160 per service call or $50 to $100 per hour. 

Detailed of how much it will cost a locksmith to unlock your house

cost for locksmith to unlock you house

Detailed of how much it will cost a locksmith to unlock your car

cost for a locksmith to unlock your car

Getting locked outside your apartment, house, or even out of your car may seem like an imaginary situation. About 16,000 people get locked outside their properties in the USA alone every 24 hours.

If it happened to your next-door neighbor or one of your family members, it might happen to you too, and when it eventually happens, you would better be prepared and know what to do.

The exact amount of money the service costs depends on many diverse verifying as the state location where the service operates, the kind of lock that needs unlocking, and why the lock needs to be unlocked.

Fixing the damaged lock or keys requires additional payment expenses. More expenses include the commuting fee of the locksmith and the time of day you order the service (services given after work hours cost more).

Causes affecting locksmith fees involve emergencies and commute costs.

There are several exact service categories as follows:

  • Lockouts
  • lock rekeying
  • lock replacement
  • key duplication

A locksmith’s costs also depend on when you call in for the service a locksmith’s costs also depend on when you call in for service. If you call a locksmith outside of working hours, a locksmith will significantly charge you more if you call for service during regular working hours. 

What’s necessary to inform the locksmith when you call for service?

When you call for service, you must inform the locksmith the locksmith about the details of your exact need:

  • do you need service from the locksmith to unlock your car or home?
  • The kind of keys you have
  • The kind of lock you have- who is its manufacturer?
  • When was the lock installed?
  • When was the last time the lock got fixed? And for what reason or cause?
  • Are you the owner of the car or the house? And if not – what’s your connection to them?

It will also be helpful if you take a picture of the lock and its matching keys – and send them to the locksmith. A professional locksmith would be able to recognize the problem in most cases from looking at the photo. It makes it possible to know if they address your specific needs.

Before you hire a locksmith, you must ask in advance that they are reliable, if they have a legal license and a list of creditors.

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