Locksmith General Troutdale OR offers our locksmith services to you 24 hours a day. For any of your lock & key problems a local technician is just a phone call away ready to assist.


If you are experiencing a locksmith emergency, please call (503) 344-6224 now and let us know exactly what the nature of your emergency is. Depending on the circumstances unique to your dilemma, we can dispatch the nearest technician to you. We will never let money or time stop us from getting to a child locked in a hot car. With that being said, sometimes it may be more optimal to request the services of the local police or fire department in your area. Also, towing companies and many restaurants/hotels will have access to basic automotive lock picking tools. Unlike many of these options, selecting a locksmith to assist you offers a way to minimize or prevent any damage done to the vehicle; however, sometimes life calls for urgency over quality.


Other than unlocking cars, homes, businesses, etc. Locksmith Troutdale OR performs multiple of other residential, automotive, and commercial lock and key services, including lock replacement and installation, high security commercial locks and cameras, and garage door restoration and maintenance, 24 hours a day 7 days a week so call us now and we will dispatch a technician to your location. Call (503) 344-6224 or fill out a contact form for 24 hour locksmith service in Troutdale today!

All of our expert locksmith services, including emergencies, are available 24/7. We never charge extra for late nights, weekends or holidays, and we come to you, so Call at (503) 344-6224 or fill out a contact form for 24 hour locksmith service in Troutdale today!