Need to rekey a lock? Great! Let’s get straight ahead to the bottom line – how much does it cost to rekey a lock?

Rekey Service Supplier *Rekeying Budget Per a single Cylinder (Keyhole)
Price to Rekeying Locks in a Lock Store $ 13  
Price to Rekeying at Your Property $ 25  
Price to Rekeying Locksmith of commute Charge $ 90-125  
Price to Rekeying Cylinder in a Mailbox Keys in a Lock Store $ 20  
  Price to Rekeying Cylinder in a Mailbox Keys of at Your Private Property $ 40  
Price to Rekeying if No Existing set of Keys is suitable for the lock $ 8  
Rekeying budget per a singke cylinder

(This table of prices is general to the entire US. Please mind that there are different prices according to the local price and other changeable conditions per rekey services). 

It is probably always cheaper to rekey your door and not to replace the entire lock.

The price to rekey a household typically starts at $200 and ends at as much as $250 for three doors. This current mentioned above includes the following details:

  • Service call
  • The removal of the lock that is out of service or any of its parts
  • The rekeying
  • The new installation or the reinstallation of locks

Several variants can influence the cost price:

  • The type of the cylinder you are replacing\fixing\rekeying
  • The number of the cylinders you are replacing\fixing\rekeying
  • The physical location and condition of the house you are replacing\fixing\rekeying its locks.
  • Your geographic location inside the states
  • The included labor, time, and effort invested in replacing\fixing\rekeying

When it’s necessary to rekey a lock?

It is necessary to rekey a lock due to a technical failure or due to human-made circumstances:

 Possible technical failure Possible human-made circumstances
Grinding of the cylinder   The keys stolen.
Grinding of other parts of the door\lock. The key was lost.
Broken cylinder Using the wrong key in the wrong doorknob.
Breaks of other parts of the door\lock Moving to a new rental residence.
Broken key Moving to a newly bought property.
Grinding of the key Prevent other people from handling the doorknob.

What is the process of rekeying?

process of rekeying

So, if you need to rekey, contact a legitimate and reliable locksmith. The locksmith will examine your specific needs. He will give a suitable solution and rekey your keys for you. Before engaging professional help, be sure he can offer the best possible service – it will help if you photo your keys and doorknob. Thus, you will receive an appropriate price offer for rekeying your keys.

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