Mercedes-Bez Digital Key Replacement

MERCEDES-BEZ Digital Key Replacement in Portland, OR

If your MERCEDES-BEZ has lost its original key fob or if you need to replace your keys, Locksmith General LLC can help. Our programmable replacement key fobs are cheaper than the official dealership, allowing you to get into your car with less money. Buy on our website or come visit us at one of our locations today!

Let us get you back on the road and out of the shop with hassle-free vehicle repair!

MERCEDES-BEZ key fobs and replacement keys can cost hundreds of dollars at an official dealer. Save money and program MERCEDES-BEZ replacement key fobs at home with the help of Keyless Entry Remote, Inc. Use our search bar to find compatible BWM remote fobs for the model and year of your MERCEDES-BEZ.

Why pay hundreds of dollars at an official dealer to program MERCEDES-BEZ replacement key fobs when you can do it yourself with the help of Locksmith General LLC? Our complete 100% satisfaction guarantee allows you to shop with complete confidence on our website. Simply choose your year and model MERCEDES-BEZ and we will show you what is compatible with your vehicle.

If you lose your keys, please contact (503) 344-6224. We will gladly assist you in replacing your key.

 Our key fob programming service is designed to completely erase the data from your MERCEDES-BEZ key fob. This allows us to program as many Remote Door Lock/Unlock keys as you’d like and make them usable with your car. This includes 5- or 7-button remotes, factory, or aftermarket. We can also hand-program your keys with the buttons you want them to have on them, depending on what kind of audio or entertainment system you have installed in your vehicle.

Did you lose your MERCEDES-BEZ Digital keys? Our locksmiths can help.

At Locksmith General LLC we offer a complete car key cleaning service that will make sure your MERCEDES-BEZ runs like it is supposed to. Our professional technicians are licensed, trained, and knowledgeable in providing excellent services for all brands of cars. Call us today for more information or visit our website at


If your MERCEDES-BEZ’s door lock is broken, or you have lost the key to your MERCEDES-BEZ, we can help! We can re-key the vehicle and put a new lock on your car, or install a battery chamber cover into your car’s doors. We can repair anything from a dead battery chamber cover to a broken door lock. Locksmith General are expert at doing any of these repairs for you.

We specialize in MERCEDES-BEZ key replacement and ignition repair.

Door / trunk locks Opening :

We understand how frustrated you must be if your car is stuck outside. You are trusting us with your MERCEDES-BEZ, so we will not let you down. We are fully trained Master Locksmith with many years of experience with MERCEDES-BEZ’s security system . We work with the best worldwide tools in order to bypass the security system and unlock the car door / trunk safety.

The MERCEDES-BEZ’s security system is one of the most secure systems in the world! Using the BEST gears and tools for luxury high-end vehicles means if you happen to have lost your key or when you need a spare key fob duplicated it is very important to hire a professional licensed locksmith who has many years of experience with making a MERCEDES-BEZ key fob. You don’t want an inexperienced locksmith who can damage your car system and costly outcomes like that can be very expensive. Choose right! Choose Locksmith General! Choose us!

• A Class-2004-2012-W169

• B Class 2005 – 2011 – W245

• B Class – 2011-2018-W246

• C Class – 1997 – 2000 – W202

• C Class 2001 – 2007 – W203

• C Class – 2008 – 2014 – W204

• E Class – 1996 – 2002 – W210

• E Class – 2003 – 2009 – W211

• E Class (Sedan) – 2009 – 2015 – W212

• C/E Class (Coupe) – 2009 – 2015 – W212

• S Class – 1998 – 2006 – C207/A207

• S Class – 2007 – 2007 – 2013 – W221

• CLK/Compressor – 2002 – 2009- (W)C209/A209

• Sprinter – 2007 – 2017-/w906

• SLK-2004-2010-R171

• SLK-2011<- R172

• CL-1999 – 2006 – W215

• CL-2006 – 2014 – W216

• SL-2001 – 2011 – (W)R230

• SL-2012<- (W) R231

• ML-2005 – 2011 – W164

• ML-2012 – 2014 – W166

• GL-2007 – 2012-X164

• GL-2013<-X166

• CLS-2004-2010 – W219

• CLS-2010-2018-W218

• R Class-2007 – 2015 – W251

• G Class-W463

• GLK-W204



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